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The likelihood of the Big Cat Public Safety Act finally becoming law has never been as high as it is this session because for the first time we are going to be able to introduce it in the Senate on a bipartisan basis with Sen. Collins joining Sen. Blumenthal.  Currently we are trying to add more "original" cosponsors to be on the bill when it is introduced.  Our representatives in D.C. have been talking actively with Senator Braun, who we hope will join in.

One of the critical issues for any Senator is to know that it matters to constituents in the state.  It would be a HUGE help if you would just send a short, polite email to his aide Adrienne Carrier at the email address below just saying in your own words (so it does not look like a "form" letter) that you would like Sen. Braun to cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act. 


If you are not already familiar with it, the bill does two simple things:

(1) it stops the abusive cub petting and

(2) it phases out private ownership of big cats kept in miserable conditions by unlicensed individuals.

In addition to stopping mistreatment of the animals, this helps protect our first responders from unexpectedly encountering these dangerous animals. The bill is endorsed by both the National Sheriffs' Association and the Fraternal Order of Police for that reason.

A simple, short email in your own words is all that is needed. If you have any questions please email Howard.Baskin@BigCatRescue.org.

Thanks VERY much for taking a minute to help stop the abuse!  You CAN make a difference!!

Howard Baskin 
Advisory Board Chairman of Big Cat Rescue



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